Im Back !

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

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Oh yeah everyone. IM BACK on the track. Hahahahahaa… sorry for not updating for so long. I’ve been very busy for the previous week. Actually not that busy, just that i feel it will be a wasting of time to blog but not doing my assignments. I got 3 assignments to do, 2 presentations to be prepared in 4 days ONLY. Whoaa~ sounds crazy. Therefore, i’d to CONTROL myself for not wasting my time on blogging for a moment. Eh, im such a good student. =P

And yeah, everything finally comes to an end by today. All the assignments and presentations were done ! Hooooorayyyyyyyyyyyy~~! But still, there are finals coming soon which is on next week. OMG ~! Short semester is really sucks. No time for us to rest at all. Need to rush for this and that. Argh~ hate this life. Why cant you just let me rest in peace? Not that kind of peace ok. =P

Hmm..honestly, last week was a very tough week for me. As i said just now, there were assignments, and presentations. Not only that, there’s still more. Something unfortunate had happened in my life. Well, i dun really wanna talk bout it. But no worries, everything is fine now. Thank GOD. Heh..=D

Back to the presentation. Ha~ the first presentation was the Business Information System which is on Monday, in a stupid classroom that is open-aired. =.= What a joke. The classroom is big yet filled with so many students. And we need to present at there without any microphone. Oh yeah babeh. Happy? OH YES im SO the HAPPY. -.-

The presentation was okay for me, coz the lecturer didnt really

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listen also. He doesnt respect all of

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us who were presenting on that day. And he just keep asking every group who were presenting to skip skip skip to other slides. Why? Because there are still a lot more of groups with the maximum of 4 members each group that need to present.

I think about 20 groups had presented on Monday and left about 20 to 30 more groups that need to present on Wednesday. He must finished all the presentation by this week as the finals is held on next week. See? Short semester shouldnt give any presentation in any subject at all. Agree? LOL~


But anyway, we’re still ok with it. Luckily our group were the 10th group to present and we dun need to worry bout it anymore !! Heh..that’s me, Steven and Hewmeiteng in the picture after presenting. There’s one more member, Elsen, but he already leave to his second house, TopGear, a cybercafe. LOL~

About today’s presentation, Business more good compared to yesterday’s. Today’s presentation was more relax and easy with the small class and also the microphone. =D


very no skill of taking picture, right? -.-

We were the first group to present today. Not very nervous. But still, a bit scared. However, the lecturer was

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good enough in giving marks, that’s what i heard from seniors la. Haha~ i hope so. We all did very well as we were just reading a small part of the answers of the case that given. Very fast and…efficient ! Therefore, we can off early and go for breakfast ! Oh yeahh~


here’s a clearer, nicer, and nearer one. LOL~

Top L>R : ricky, steven, chunkee, kaichoong, ivan
Bottom L>R : danny, puimun, me, hewmeiteng, elsen

That’s us without two China girls. It’s my very first time wearing like this for presentation. Look so-not-me. HOR? Hahahaha~ If you were wondering, that’s not our will to wear like a waitress or waiter. It’s a condition that was given by the lecturer for us to get more marks. Ahh~ we all looked so yeng weird walking around the college with the outfits. Luckily there’s not much ppl were there yet as the time was still early.

Hehe..last but not least, thanks to everyone who co-operate with each other in the group. Im glad to be one of the member of this group. Sorry if i didnt help much. Wheeee~ that’s all for today.

there are lot more of delayed post. wait for me okay? thank kiuu~ xD

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  1. bii,u dress like this looks smart and pretty,ur body sharp oso very nice =)

  2. tallen > hehehe..thanks bii..=D

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