Mid-Autumn 09

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Sorry, it’s a delayed post. As we all know, Mid-Autumn Festival also known as Moon Cake Festival or in Chinese we call it as Zhongqiujie. This is a popular harvest festival which is celebrated by Chinese

people and also Vietnamese people. It’s a festival where all the family members reunion.


It is always held on the 15th day of eighth month in the Chinese calendar which is usually around late September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. It is a date where the moon is supposedly at its fullest and roundest. Therefore, most of the Chinese family members and friends will usually gather to admire the harvest moon, and eat moon cakes together.

This year, Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 3rd of October, which is on Saturday. Nice one. Everyone can play till very late as the next day is Sunday where adults dont need to work and the children dont need to study. =)

Every year we will celebrate

it by having dinner together with family and relatives at my 5th auntie’s house. The dinner was usually prepared by her and the dishes that she usually made was chicken, pork, prawn, fish,

and vegetable. However, this year was a bit different compared to the past few years.

We went to Restaurant Equine Park which is located in Seri Kembangan. Hmm..we had ordered the following food as shown :


kangkung. not bad


er..this is ‘fet butt’ with chicken inside. i forgotten what we call it in english. argh~ sorry


this is ‘dung bo yuk’.. not bad though =)


this is curry fish head. oh yeah babeh..this is sucks i tell you. =.=


crabby crab with the sauce. the sauce is okay, but the meat was…not THAT good la

Yeah, overall.. the foods were not that good. Even my auntie’s cooking is way better than it. So i guess you all dont need to go and have a try. Just look at the pictures that i’ve took is enough. LOL~

Im happy that everyone were there except my brother. He got some kind of wedding dinner to attend. So, never mind. Let me introduce my family member to you although u dont really wanna know. Just bear with it. Ha~! =P


my cousin brother, wai yin, my sis, yi min, and the bf, kelvin


my father, wai yin behind, another two cousin bro, guo yao and louis.


my gu jiong, and cousin brother, guo fu


another table with my relatives

Well, there’s one thing that i wanna mention. Lucky the foods are not expensive. We had taken seats for 2 tables with 10 and 9 people each. It costs about RM100 + for each table which mean RM 200+ in a total. Kinda reasonable. If it’s expensive with the not-so-delicious-food, then i really wanna whack them. =.=

Then we went back and light on those lantern and hang it. We dun really take the lantern and walk over around as we’ve grown up and no more kids among the family members. So, we enjoyed the day by eating, chatting, watching tv, eating moon cakes, and pomelo together.


missed out some of them here


my suk suk and wai yin on the right


ta daaaaaaaa~

It was a great night to be with my own family and relatives. Although it’s hard to meet with each other, but at least we will still try our best to gathered in such festival. That’s the best part. It might be a little celebration for you, but it meant a lot to me. Family is always the most important, and the closest one. =)

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