HewMeiTeng's Birthday Celebration

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Another delayed post. Heh~ It was her birthday on the 5th of October. Yeah, i know.. this is a super delayed post. So sorry moi..xD Here it goes, we celebrated with her on the next day of her birthday due to her schedule was really full. Well, she is

very famous that everyone wanted to celebrate with her..hor? hor? LOL~ =P

So, we gathered at college after our classes finished at 12.30pm. The attendees were me, Elsen, Steven and his gf, Dorothy, Leklun, Wengkit, Tangwengchun, Chung, DanielHo, Reagan, and Kiatzai. At first, we planned to celebrate at Station One which located opposite of Leisure Mall. But the plan changed because personally me and hewmeiteng doesnt really like to visit there especially at noon. So, we decided to change to Gilly Cafe which is nearby Leisure Mall area.


clockwise from top left : Steven, Dorothy, LekLun, Elsen with Hewmeiteng



from top left : Tangwengchun, DanielHo, Chung, Kiatzai with the ah moi

We reached around 1.15pm while Reagan and Kiatzai reached earlier to put the cake there first. Then they started to played Snaps with the cards while waiting for the foods. Imagine all of us except me playing Snaps in the cafe. Whoaa ~! Damn noisy la woiii~ too bad i didnt take a video of

it. If not, laugh die you. LOL~!


cant manage to capture all of their heads -.-


my kam heong chicken rice

Err..i get bad comments on their food from my friends previously, but i’ve tasted

it on that day..and it’s not that bad after all. It’s not that expensive on the food though. However, the costy thing in the menu was their drinks. Hmm.. it’s best to share with another person like how i did with my moi. Hoho~ xD

Well, we ate, we talked, we laughed. Everything goes smoothly until Steven asked me about the cake in front of the birthday girl. Aduhaii~ it was actually a surprise, but the plan was spoiled by him. Teruk betul. =.= But nvm, itu ahmoi pretend tak tau..LOL~ hahahaha..

So the cake was here, the birthday song was played and we eventually sang for her. Muahaha..i guess that’s her favourite cake, Oreo Cheese cake from Secret Recipe. Hope she like it and errr..our presents as well. A bag and a piglet. Oh yeah babeh, it’s time for camwhore. =D


happy birthday to hewmeiteng


edited by me. couldnt stuck everyone in this pic. sorry eh. =(


make a wishh~


cut cut CUTTTTT~!

Everyone was full and tired after laughing for too much. It’s time to go back after chill for about 2 hours. Thanks to everyone who attend for the celebration. And to the birthday girl, wish you pretty as years go by and yeah, happy always ! Muahh ~! =D


the moi and yours truly. =)


everyone must eat !!! EAT till you burpp~ !! =X


group pic. glad that i have u guys with me. =)

will be having finals on the day after tomorrow.
free for 2 months after thursday. xD

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