Phobia 2 @ OneUtama

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

I got the chance to watch Phobia 2 preview screening and that’s thanks to my brother. My whole family, including my father, sister and

the bf, brother, me and the bf were tagged along to watch it. Haa~ such a family day in the cinema. LOL~!

The mo

vie started at 9pm and we reached there at 8 something. We’ve chose to eat at Vietnam Kitchen in One Utama. My first thought was, “aiyar, what so special bout it. just like eating dishes that my dad cooks at home. ” But my dad insisted to go in. So.. here we go la. We ordered the Set B which included fillet fish with their special sauce, vegetables, pork and also a tomato-with-meat-in-the-tomato.

To my surprise, the food taste really good. Especially the fillet fish. So sorry that i didnt take any picture of the food. But if u happen to be there, u’ll see it in the set menu given with the price of RM49.90. So, no worries that u’ll make a mistake there. =)


Phobia 2 is dissected into 5 shorts stories which is Novice, Ward, Backpackers, Salvage and In The End. Hmm.. i will not tell u bout the stories in details. But just briefly talk bout it, alright?

Novice, the story focusing on a 14 year old named Pey, who has committed a crime and his mom decided that Pey must get ordained to become a buddhist novice to escape the crime he committed.

Ward, the story where a playful teenager crashes his bike and breaks both legs. In the hospital, there is an old man in a coma who has been waiting for almost a month for his family to decide to pull the plug on his oxygen.

Backpackers, a young Japanese couple decided to travel around Thailand by backpacking. The boyfriend waves a 1,000 Baht note in hopes to entice passing cats to pick them up. There is something hiding inside the truck’s trailer. What is it? See for yourself.

Salvage, where Nuch makes her living by rebuilding severely damaged cars. One night after closing the car garage she discovers her son is missing. Reviewing the security camera tapes she sees her son climb inside a car. Nuch went to check the car and…..

Lastly, In The End is the one that i like the most. Puak, Shin and Aey are the movie crew of an upcoming horror movie. They are shooting their last scene. On the last night, Puak is trying to be cool and tells one of the sick cast members that, “the show must go on”. The four of them shoot the movie that has a real ghost playing the role of ghost in the end. But this is super hilarious.

The cinema was filled with my laughters. LOL~!

Overall, the movie is so so only. It’s not like superb scary. It’s just

average horror level and disgusting. Only the last part of the movie was the funny part. They make us scared at the beginning and make us laugh like mad at the last part. Credits to the last part. =)

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