30.10.09 @ Midvalley

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

It’s been about 1 month not going out with my boy, I mean as in REALLY hang out, eat things that we both craving for, watch movie and stuffs. The reason for not going out is, i was busy with my assignments, presentation and finals back then. And ofco

z due to financial problem, i guess it’s better not going out tat often.

Because of this, i’ve been asked by my friends that whether we’ve broke up or something. Owh..that’s not true la. If it’s true for sure i’ll delete all the pics of me and him in my blog. And it will happen very soon i guess.


So, here’s the day tat we finally hang out together, watch movie and eat something that always seen in my blog. Yes, it’s sushi. Zanmai ! LOL~ before that, i met with miss hewmeiteng and her mom and cousin sister. Ha ! What a coincidence. She’s finding jobs at there. And now she’s been hired and start working already. That’s

fast. Hope u enjoy working at Springfield. Will find u if i happen to be there. =)


soba soba soba. ahh~ love it so much !


they’re all look so YUMMY !


can i have more plssssss?


my favourite agedashi tofu. and also curry chicken rice. deliciousssssss ~

After eating, we went to buy tickets for the movie This Is It aka Inilah Dia. Hahaahahhaa..it sounds really funny to me with the malay subtitle.


This movie is actually a compilation of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London. The songs that he sang during rehearsals included They Don’t Really Care About Us, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Black or White, Earth Song, Billie Jean, Thriller and many many more.


Overall, the movie was great to me. Though

it’s not really a movie but more to a concert. But through this movie, we all can see how hard Michael Jackson work for his concerts. He did everything on his own, as in adjusting the tempos, dancing steps, and lighting until he’s really satisfied with it. This proved that Michael Jackson really give out his best performance to the audiences. That’s how a King of Pop should be. We’re proud of you, MJ. =)


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  1. oh…lama x makan sushi king..
    dulu peminat sushi king..
    tapi since married, susah nak makan..
    coz husband x berapa minat..hehehe

  2. sumijelly > haha..tak best la macam tu. paksa husband ko makan la. isteri suka, mestilah ikut jugak. xD

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