Digi Broadband modem Instead of Macbook Pro

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

I’ve joined this Digi contest called ‘Pimp My Broadband’ like two months ago. I didnt know bout this contest until a blogger who i dont know, tell me bout it and asked me to try join it with my viagra pills

anz.jenkinyat.com/2009/09/04/cheapest-broadband-with-good-connectivity/” target=”_blank”>Cheapest Broadband With Good Connectivity post. And so.. i just try my luck and hoping to get a Macbook Pro. Hahaha.. Such a dreamer. Although i know i wont get it, but hey, just give it a try lor, i wouldnt lose anything what. =P

Then, the contest ended on 18th of October if not mistaken and the results were out after two weeks. There goes, i won a Digi Broadband modem instead of laptop. Hahahaha..well, i would say it’s better than nothing. Furthermore, i dont expect that i will get anything at all after i’ve read all the contestants’ posts. Im lucky enough to

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get myself a modem with my simple post entry. =)


I’ve been informed by Digi that i won it on 3rd of November and i still dont get the modem until now. I tried to ask the people who is in charge and according to James from Digi(Central), Sorry it’s taking a bit of time, there were so many winners in this contest I’m trying my best to make sure everything is right. You should be getting your prizes within the next couple of weeks.

So yeah, i understand that. It’s not like i want that modem badly as buy cheap viagra i dont really need it as well. It’s just that..I thought was there any mistake that im one of the winner who get a Digi Broadband modem? I still cant believe it. In my life, i didnt even win a single thing before. I mean as in..big contest la. Those kindergarten, primary school contests for sure i get some awards before. Im not dumb okay. xD

Anyway, thanks to Digi and also friends who voted for me. Since now that i didnt won the Macbook, so i dont need to treat you all who voted for me lah, right? I said before that i will treat u all if u voted for me ONLY IF i win the Macbook. True? Hahahahahah…that’s my terms and conditions. Well, just accept the fact lah. =P

Congratulation to Kong Yen

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who won a MacBook Pro with his creativity of taking pictures. You can check it out at here.

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