The Legendary School

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Here I am in my secondary school, SMK Seri Bintang Selatan. It’s been ages i havent back there ever since i graduated in 2007. Now im back again after 2 years, to get my SPM certificate. Hahahahaha~~ damn late i k


Oh well, it was named as Bukit Bintang Girls School (BBGS) in the past and it’s well-known for it’s intelligents student, yet having bad student school as i’ve heard. But now, it had shifted the school to a new area which is in Shamelin and changed their name to SMK Seri Bintang Utara in 2000 if im not mistaken. 2 years later, another school was finished built and it’s under BBGS as well.

The name was SMK Seri Bintang Selatan, no secondary school.


the place where we used to gather every morning

I applied for this school instead of going to SMK Perempuan Pudu (SMKPP) after im done with my UPSR at SK Perempuan Pudu Satu in 2002. To be honest, i was supposed to go SMKPP because my sister was studying there and it’s much more convenient to send us to the same school everyday.

However, due to my UPSR result, i was able to make another choice instead of going SMKPP. I was given an option of going SMKSBU or SMKSBS. My mother asked me to apply for SMKSBS since it was new back then, and if i was selected, i’ll be the first batch who able to use all the new equipments in the school. Most important thing is, it’s very near to my house if compared to SMKPP.


And so, me and few of my friends chose to apply for SMKSBS and of course, we eventually get selected. So here’s the school where i started my secondary school life for 5 years since 2003 till 2007. In the beginning, the school was filled with not much student where we can actually get to know everyone in the school. Oh bear in mind, it has only morning shift in SMKSBS. What i mean is, student only need to go to school in the morning. There are no seperate batches of student for morning and afternoon. We do not share with other student. How cool is that? =)


the views from upstairs

For the first year in the school, it was really empty. Having about 40 classroom in the school, but only filled with Form 1 to Form 4 where Form 1 had about 280 student, Form 2 with 50 above student, Form 3 with around 40 students and Form 4 with 140 or less in the school. It sounds a bit creepy to me though. =.=


the classroom

The facilities in the school gets better year by year. But there’s still something that get worsen year by year. Yes, the equipments. In the first year, we get to use the computers in the computer lab and having 5 computers and 1 television in each class. Day by day, thanks to all the senior who once stole, broke, and even installed games like Counter Strike in the computer to play after school. Whoaa..our school became Cyber Cafe edi since then.


the unused computers

Those acting consequencely made us stop using computer in the future. We only managed to enjoy the equipments for like..1 year plus. Duh~ That’s so sad. Recently, I only get to know many more stories bout wat the seniors did for the past few years. A real big thanks to the them lah. -.-

Upon facilities, there are much more things that have been improved. For instance, the management in the school, decorations and stuffs, and not to forget the disciplines in the school. That’s really thanks to our Mr Loganathan. It’s true that we were all scared to see him in the past, but come to think of it now, he’s really a good discipline teacher who can really handle the disciplines in the school. He can be very good in the class when he’s teaching but different story when he’s out from the class. OMG.


murale from class 2 Cendana (2004)

There are tons of memorable things that we left in this school.The murales that we drew once a year on the walls, toilets, everywhere. Each class from each form need to draw that every year. Save cost to hire ppl to decorate the school. LOL~ The murale above was drawn by some of my friends in the year of 2004. They’re still keeping it. Nice one. =)


semangat patriotik kononnya


Not to forget the McDonald‘s chair and tables as well. To be honest, this is so rubbish. Didnt know what is this for at all. Putting it at places that nobody would wanna sit. And also, i remembered last time when we sit at there before the assembly, or during recess time, we get shoo-ed by the prefects. Now u tell me..this chair is for wat? -.-


me sneeking around into each floor’s office

Was looking around to find my all time favourite

teacher, Mr Khairol. But i couldnt find him. Or he’s not in the school anymore? Swt. Im not sure. Many teachers have leaved the school after i’ve graduated from my form 5. Even the discipline teacher, Mr Loganathan was not there anymore. That’s why

all these while have been hearing a lot of gangsterism from this school such as students being punched, even punched by teachers ! Really WTF. This school is no longer good since we’ve left.


favourite class of all

5 Keruing to be exact. My form 5 class. With a lot of memories left inside. Our jokes, our laughters, our sleeping moment, playing hp around, hiding it in the lockers. Whoaaa.. Enjoy it very much back then. Our purpose of going school is not to study, is to sleep, play, and eat. =) That’s our class. Unlike other science classes, they looked really stress to me. LOL~


Many ppl would say my school is huge big. But for me, it’s not at all. Instead, it looks more like a factory than a school to me. LOL~ Ok lah, there’s one big thing from the school. Which is the stadium for basketball and badminton indoor and also the HUGE field. Argh..forget to snap a picture of it. So so so sorry. But it’s really damn HUGE. Play football can really run till u die. LOL~


Last but not least, thanks to the photographer of the day, Mr Tallen.

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  1. the feeling is just so nice reading your post about school. despite the school rules, i really love sbs. yupe, mr loga was a good teacher. i dont think i ever regret taking this path (choosing school lah i mean lol) with you guys. ;D

    ps: i knew it must have been tallen who took the photos.

    pss: no, the reason why we entered sbs instead of sbu was because sbs was new and there was not any ghost. well, as told by your mum. haha. =)

  2. Queenie > hahaha..thanks..=)
    eh.. tat’s the reason we chose sbs meh? whoa..i really tak ingat wor..LOL~
    yala yala..based on the pic skills, sure not i take one lor those pic..tat is wat u mean hor? sei yan tao..=.=

  3. hahahah i see you tarak skills sangat untuk tangkap gambar cantek macam nie XD

  4. Queenie > hahaha….dengg…macam tu say me laa?? ishh ~

  5. HI…. eShanz….. IM This year (2010) batch student…. this year im 13 years old and kinda small… i look at the pics and……..

    you know…. not same ald…
    (What i mean is u got all the dirty spots on the wall and the computer that left on the ground…, photos shown its 2 baris.. but now…. 7 baris ald lo… thx for all the “greatful” seniorz…. BB

    have a nice memory of SBS!!
    Go SBS!!!

  6. HI…. eShanz….. IM This year (2010) batch student…. this year im 13 years old and kinda small… i look at the pics and……..

    You Know…. not same ald…
    (What i mean is u got all the dirty spots on the wall and the computer that left on the ground…, photos shown that the comps are put on 2 baris.. but now…. 7 baris alredi lo… thx for all the “greatful” seniorz. that made our skull now so “beutiful” BB

    have a nice memory of SBS!!
    Go SBS!!!

  7. hi there.. owh that’s quite a huge changes huh. but it’s really all thanks to those unethical student lah. everyday fighting. during my time, there was no such thing. all very good student. but now…ishk.. malu lah. hope u wont be that naughty student lah. hahahhaa..xD
    anyway, i hope u’ll have some great days in sbs for the next few years, alright? =)

  8. LOLZ SOO TRUE. smksbs is now the fun school but might not be the brain school. An now their actually is a cyber cafe for work and even games. sounds like bull$#!+ but yeah its true lah..

  9. ADAm > yeap. it’s getting worst. -.-

  10. Though its getting worse, cause of certain students who likes to spoil the schools image and all, and some teachers who doesnt even know how to teach properly. i still like that school very much. its like. 1 big family =D

  11. LOL~ yea i know. because it feels like holiday rather than study even though we’re in the school. :D

  12. nak tanye sometin,kalau tak amik pmr boleh masuk sbs tak??

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