Dong Bang Shin Ki aka Tohoshinki Introduction (1)

Friday, November 27th, 2009

For over so many years, i’ve no interest at all in Korean dramas, movies, artists, and of course singers as well. They have always leave bad impressions in my heart. Why ah? No offense but hey, i realized that almost all the Korean dramas are mostly

about LOVE. It’s either the actress in the drama get a sickness and die in the end or there were two guys who love the same girl at the same time. Sigh, i dont understand why tv always only show Korean dramas but not Japanese dramas.

However, there’s always an exception in everything, right? Thus, I was attracted by this South Korean boy band for the last 2 years. It’s Dong Bang Shin Ki aka Tohoshinki with five members which is formed in 2003. The five of them included U-know, YooChun, JaeJoong, ChangMin and JunSu. They are now one of the most successful K-pop acts in Asia. Their name translates as “The Rising Gods of the East”. Ha ~! Powderful enough? =D


I get the chance to watch their concert O – The 2nd Asia Tour Concert in 2007 at Stadium Merdeka. And i only get to know the existence of Dong Bang Shin Ki on that concert day itself ! NO, im not making up any story here. Dont ask me how i get the ticket that time, i just got my way. I was standing quite near them where i can see them clearly and eventually i was attracted by them since then. Although i didnt know what are they singing back then, but i do really feel that some of their songs were really nice. xD


No, i didnt take any pic at tat moment, just some videos. Pictures above was found from Google if not mistaken. If you come to ask me that time, will i buy their tickets and watch their concert? My answer is definitely NO. But now, i wish that i could really watch every concert that held by them like, seriously. Their concert was superb. Even my dad who watched their concert LIVE in Stadium Merdeka said their concert was good as in the equipments that prepared by them.


picture of them in 2004

Here’s the stories about them. In January 2004, the group released their debut single “Hug” and it peaked at 4th place on the monthly charts and sold a total of 169,532 copies. Their second single, “The Way U Are” in July 2004, debuted at second spot on the charts, selling 214,069 copies. Great? Not only that, they then released their debut album, Tri-Angle in October 2004 and sold a total of 242,580 copies, making it the year’s eighth best-selling record.


tri-angle cd cover (2004)

To summarize it all, they had distributed 4 Korean album, and 4 Japanese album in the year of 2004 till 2009. That’s really a tough task. With their hardworking, they deserved to get the Best Music Video Award for the song “Rising Sun and People’s Choice Award at the end of the year 2005 in Mnet KM Music Video Festival.


rising sun cd cover (2005)

In the year of 2006, they had began their first international tour, Rising Sun 1st Asia Tour. Besides South Korea, they also toured in China, Thailand, and Malaysia,

making them the first Korean performers to hold a concert in Malaysia. They did not just stop there. The boys continued their journey with the 2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘O which took place in Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala

Lumpur, Shanghai and Beijing in 2007. There’s more, with the 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic Concert in South Korea 3 days at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

That’s about Asia Tour, now it’s about Live Tour: 1st Live Tour 2006: Heart, Mind and Soul in 7 cities, 11 shows with 15 thousand fans. 2nd Live Tour 2007 : Five in the Black in 10 cities, 16 shows with 58 thousand fans. 3rd Live Tour 2008 – [T] in 8 cities, 17 shows with 150 thousand fans. And lastly, Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour 2009: The Secret Code which ended at Tokyo Dome. So many times of concerts, millions of fans were formed. Im glad. =D

Although there are a lot cialis more of famous boy band in Korea such as SS501, SHINee, Big Bang, and Super Junior, but seriously, im not interested at all. I dont want to force myself to get to know more about Korean as i’ve said from the beginning that i dont really like them. HAHAHAHA~ Dong Bang Shin Ki is more than enough. Below is the concert that i’ve attended 2 years ago and yes, the part where they splash water to the audience is the moment where i get electric from my JAEJOONG. Enjoy. =D


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  1. you`re sooooo lucky!
    you have had the luck to go to their concert ….. even say good luck!
    where are you? South Korean art? you came to the concert with your dad? XD is a lot of questions …..
    I hope you enjoyed …. lots of fans around the world liked to have gone.
    but can not and could not because, eventually, are countries that are quite far from Korea. like me! I’m from Portugal, and Portugal is far from Korea and never, we never had a Portuguese fans opportunity of seeing them live. Too bad! :C
    But the truth also is that we are a few fans here …..

  2. DBSK are really amazing! South Korean are lucky to have such artists like them! I wish I can steal them ekekkekkeekekekekke DBSK are the only singers, who i ever love with all my heart and become their only fan and I’ll be only their fan forever. Hwaiting!!!!!

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