Dong Bang Shin Ki aka Tohoshinki Lawsuit (2)

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

The five member South Korean group, DBSK have amazing talent on and off stage with beautiful voices, powerful dances, lovely images, and great personalities. They had put themselves in the top of the music industry since the beginning. Although at th

e beginning it may be hard and painful for them, but they still fight for it and get rid of it. With their hard work, sweats, love and their teamwork, they had successfully built their name in South Korean, Japan, and other countries in Asia with the title of “The Best Group of Asia” and also achieved the title of “The First Foreign Artist” in Japan.


Junsu, Yoochun, JaeJoong, Changmin, Yunho

However, on 31st of July 09, three members of the highly popular Korean boy band DBSK have filed a lawsuit against their agency SM Entertainment (SME) to terminate all exclusive rights SME has over them. The three members are Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong. The other two members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin did not file a lawsuit as they are busy preparing for their debut dramas.

The following is a summary of the outrageous terms of the Contract that relates to the distribution of income. The clear conclusion is that the DBSK members have received next to nothing for their six years of work. The Court found that the Contract between SME and the members was unconscionable and against public policy.

I. DBSK has received $0 for their album sales prior to July 2008, and only a negligible amount after that date.
II. DBSK has received $0 for the sales of concert DVDs and albums featuring recordings from such concerts.
III. DBSK has received $0 for their appearances on TV programs.
IV. For all other possible sources of revenue, SM subtracts from the total revenue all expenses, including salaries of other staff, stage preparation expenses, rent, travel expenses, food expenses,

and the like, then gives DBSK only a fraction of the remaining amount.

And DBSK members have only received a 0.5% increase in salary over the past 5 years despite their amazing success and huge fanbase. All 5 members are actually preparing to sue SM Entertainment because of this, not just Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong.


SME has been taking from 70%-90% of the profits that DBSK makes, leaving only 10%-30% for the members themselves. In a conclusion, please realize that SME has kept virtually all of the profits that DBSK have generated over the past six years. They have received, literally, next to nothing.

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However, SME insisted that the lawsuit was because of the cosmetics issue where the three members’ investments in the CreBeau cosmetics line. The core of the controversy was the legal issues of the slave contract. Kang Suk Won, the President of the Korean branch of CreBeau (Wishop Plus) said, “Although this case is obviously to fight the unfair

profit splits and the conflict between the members and SME, SME is trying to push the blame onto CreBeau.” Kang went on to reveal that the three members have only invested approximately 70,000 dollars, 60,000 dollars, and 40,000 dollars respectively. This amount, he said, was not enough to earn the three members rights to ownership of the business, let alone a big part of the profit.

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Seoul District Court is so far favoring the three members’ side. They partially accepted the exclusive contract suspension the trio have been submitted. The partially accepted here so far only mentioned about the three members now can have their right to decide whether they will take one job or not. Said that with this decision, TVXQ activities as five members will lay on three members‘ decisions, and not SM Entertainment.

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This issue had aroused ‘disbanding’ rumors all throughout Asia, which worried fans in Korea, Japan, as well as China. But Yunho stated that the relationship among members was not affected by it. All members even supported him in his acting debut with encouragement. This has caused the Cassiopeia family to initiate Always Keep The Faith to encourage their beloved Hallyu singers, as

well as to show their belief that the band will stay together.

The Canadian Cassiopeia have created the rather touching video clip below. Check it out!


Cassiopeia is the official Korean, Chinese, Thailand, Malaysian and Global fan club for DBSK. It is a constellation of five stars that form a “W” on the night sky. Coincidentally, the word “TVfXQ” also forms a “W” when traced on a computer keyboard. Cassiopeia is regarded as “The Queen”.

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