JaeJoong in Heaven's Postman

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Popular group TVXQ member, Hero Jaejoong will have his first acting debut in “Heaven’s Postman” screened the first time on November 12th. The script writer for this Heaven’s Postman is Kitagawa Eriko. It’s about the love story be

tween the heaven’s messenger and a woman who can not forget her deceased lover.


Hero Jaejoong undertakes his acting debut as a postman who delivers the letters to the people who are not able to forget their deceased loved ones. Hero’s kiss scene will be shown in the evening glow at the field with Han Hyo-joo who cannot forget her deceased lover.


The movie was reported an advance sales rate of 19.1%, which marks the first place in the new release of the Korean movies. It received interest because of Hero from TVXQ and Han Hyo-joo from the hit drama Brilliant Legacy acting


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Since it was the first

time for Jaejoong to act in a movie setting, the detailed acting (to display the feelings) and the expression could have been better, but to create the love story together with Han Hyo-joo, he showed a comparatively lively performance.

At the premiere theater showing, Hero Jaejoong mentioned, “It was a new challenge for me. Han Hyo-joo and the producer helped me a lot. When I saw my face for the first time at the theater screen, it gave me the shivers.”


Due to the dispute with SM Entertainment regarding the exclusive contract, Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero Jaejoong said, “I gave myself blessings and encouragement during the difficult times.”

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According to the movie production company, the moment JaeJoong was confirmed to make an appearance on the November 22nd screening, all tickets at all cinemas for ‘Heaven’s Postman’ were sold within 5 minutes.

Although ‘Heaven’s Postman’ had reached its second

stage of broadcasting schedule, there were still much support from the viewers and the number of audiences was still high.

‘Heaven’s Postman’ is the debut movie of Hero JaeJoong. With such good ratings and excellent ticket sales, he had once again proven his popularity and charm.


Source: RockJJ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Seriously i wanted to watch this very much. Although im not into Korean movies nor dramas, but this is a MUST for me to watch ! Why? Because my super idol, Hero Jaejoong is starring in the movie !! LOL~ i bet his acting will be damn funny like Jay Chou first acting in movie. HAHAHAHAHHAA..

I wish i could buy or download this movie somewhere from the net, of course with English subtitles. If not, how would i understand what are they talking about? =P

Keep it up Jaejoong ! Saranghaeyo ! =D

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