A Small Gift From Digi

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

I’ve mentioned before this, that i get the

chance to win a Digi broadband by joining the contest. It was already 2 months ago. And it’s ended about 1 month ago. And i get this about 3 weeks ago. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA~ yeah, kinda late post. Aku tauu



But anyway, here’s the broadband that i’ve won. Once again, thanks to my friends who voted for me in the contest. Teehee~ I think this is the limited edition of the broadband. As what i’ve seen from other people’s blog, their broadband are not the same as well. Very well. Which mean we get the one and only broadband from digi. =D


vroom vroom~ xD

It’s really a nice broadband i must say. Not about the

speed, but about the appearance. AHAHAHA.. Personally I didnt use it because i dont need it at all, so i just gave it to my bf to use. It works well.

With high speed. Thank god. =D

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