Elecoldxhot in Astro Battleground 2009

Monday, December 21st, 2009

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The name was ECX. A group of dancer with 5 members which include Chriz Ooi, Gary Tkl, Billy Yap, Leon Khiew, and Monkey. They were the contestants in the competition of Battleground in 2008. Somehow, they managed to get to finals, and YES, they were the champion in that year. Since then, we all knew their existence through this Astro Battleground competition.


billy yap, dennis yin, gary tkl, chriz ooi, monkey and leon khiew in semi 2

However, their stories did not just end there. With the name of Elecoldxhot and an additional of new member, Dennis Yin from Racken Force, the champion of Battleground in 2007. They once again challenge themselves in Battleground

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this year, 2009 after so many of hard works .


elecoldxhot in semi 3

To be honest, i didnt really watch all of their performances in the competition. It’s not because of im not interested. In fact, i love to watch dancing show especially this one. But too bad, my house doesnt have Astro. So, i only get the chance to watch if i am having dinner at my auntie’s house.


elecoldxhot : monster vs power rangers

I’ve started watching it since Semi 2 till the finals and same goes to last year. When i first saw their performance, it was really a BIG WOW. They’re awesome ! They can dance very well, creative, tidy, funny and silly.

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Hahaha~ That’s the reason why they get champion last year.


monster was defeated by power rangers. hahahahahha

As u can see, their ideas of using the shooting water gun with the combination of Power Rangers are superb. I really laughed off my ass when i watched this. They not just dancing, they even added some stories in each performance that they did. Youngster nowadays are damn creative.


picture credits to Smashpop

Not to forget, Katoon Network, Wakaka Fever and also Dancologist. They too make it to finals. No doubt, they are all talented just like Elecoldxhot. If you are wondering, Katoon Network is the champion of the year. While Elecoldxhot get the 1st runner up, Dancologist 2nd runner up and Wakaka Fever is the 3rd runner up.


picture credits to Smashpop

Maybe many of you or even me, myself doesnt agree with the result but hey, that’s the fact. The final result. We cant do anything. Just take it possitively. Every participant who make it till the finals, they are all champion already. We all should be proud of them.


picture credits to Smashpop

Despite the result of the competition, I believed that all of the Elecoldxhot’s fans will always see them as champion¬† It’s just the matter of the cash amount, perhaps. But hey, dont worry bout it. What’s really matter is the friendship between Elecoldxhot’s members, the friends that they get to know, the fans that was attracted with their dancing and also the comments that given by the judges. All these couldnt buy with money, right? =D


sneakers freak


Those sneakers that they owned. There are a lot more that didnt show in the picture. Omfg. Can you count how many are there? I wish i could own it all. Especially the picture above. The Supra TK ! So damn nice okay~ They are all crazy kicks ! Hahaha~


Oh yeah, lowest price viagra personally, i was attracted to Chriz Ooi. He is the tallest in the group if not mistaken. At first i was attracted with his dancing of course. Then owh, the more i see his dancing, the more i feel amuse. Not to say the others are not good. Everyone got their own specialities ok? Haahaha..


this is crazy LOL

Not to say that he is VERY leng zai la.. but somehow i found that he is cute and hilarious. Keep it up ! Hmm, at least that’s what i feel based on the pictures in his facebook la. But oh, he’s already got a gf. And they’re so sweet together. Haahaha..so.. wish them all the best, stay sweet forever and also good luck in their career ! Go go go Elecoldxhot ! =D

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  1. hey i didnt know you are a fan of ECX!! i love them too! ahaha but they lost this year. so nevermind. hope to see them again. ;D

  2. Queenie > hahahaa.. i was amazed with their performance.. especially the power rangers that one. i really like their performance very much la.. yah..hope to see them again. they’re best of the best ! =D

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