Shop Till She Drop

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

The other day, accompanied HER to shopping at canadian pharmacy Pavilion with HIM as well. She really bought a lot of stuffs. Damn rich. Wtf~ sponsor me la woi. Okay okay, if u’re wondering who is she. She’s my moi, miss hewmeitengbuy viagra

an>. And the ‘him’ is mr tangwengchun. Hahaha..glad that he joined us. =D



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departed around 12 plus, and reached Pavilion after 20 minutes, safely. Hahahaha..Why do i say so? Because my moi is driving. And she’s not familiar with KL road. So..I, who is not very good in directions will be the one who lead her. And thank god, we managed to reach there safely. Thanks to moi who willing to fetch us. Im proud of her driving skills and im proud of myself too. LOL~!


cute huh?

Our first destination was Forever 21. Oh yeah

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babeh, we did tried a lot of shirts. And we wasted around 1 and half hour there. But we end up buy nothing ! Hahahahahaha~! The snoopy shirt above was really cute, isnt it? I wish we three could really buy it together. LOL~ anyhow, it’s really expensive for me. -.-


The shirt above was my favourite. Nice or not? For me, it’s superb nice. Owhh..But.. it’s just a bit pricy expensive and I cant afford to buy it now..furthermore, my salary is not out yet ! Damn it !


Isnt it nice? And my moi’s..she likes the shirt that she’s wearing also.’s not worth for the price la. Go for others ! We’ve walked almost the whole building of Pavilion within that 8 hours. We’ve visited Forever 21, Nichii, Cotton On, Charles & Keith, Dorothy Perkins, M & G and many more. We even walked to Times Square for its Kitschen and Nichii.


Hmm..i didnt get myself much things because im seriously damn poor now. What i get was the shirt above from Dorothy Perkins. Nice one. Heh. While the moi bought things from almost every shop. HEBAT ! Hahaha..and im still lack of shoes.. so do tangwengchun. ARGH~ We’ll shop again right? LOL~!

Anyway, i did enjoyed myself on that day with trying so many nice clothes. Although i didnt buy it..but..nah..trying it already can make me feel happy. And ofcoz going out with two of them makes me feel good also. Good Good Good. We need more of these kind of outings. =P

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