Happy Birthday To You, Reagan Chong !

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Dear Reagan,

It’s ur birthday today.


u all the best and good luck in everything u do in ur life.

Will update again once i get the pictures. Hehh~! =D

I did enjoyed the celebration yesterday, dude.

Hope you enjoy it as well. =)

Yours Truly,



The celebration was at opposite of Leisure Mall, Station One, starts at 9.30pm. We, Kiatzai, Chinyew, Meiteng and i headed to Midvalley in the afternoon to get something for the birthday boy. Yea, kinda last minute. Because the guys only free on Saturday while the girls duno how to choose present for Reagan. So.. =)

dsc02894-2me n my moi of the day. =)

It’s really a headache to think what to buy for him. We’ve been walking here and there..thinking which one he’ll prefer more. But thanks to his best frens’ opinions, we were able to get something for him after 4hours of walking. Hahahaha..not bad wat..


the presents for him from US.

We were the first group who reached Station One. It’s just 8.45pm, still early. We’ll just eat first while waiting for the others to come. Everyone reached, everyone had eat.. it’s time for games.


two uncles playing chess on such day -.-


chor dai di as usual..

No..not only these wet wet

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water games. There are more challenging games. One of it was like this..“one reagan”, “fall into water”, “wah!” “two reagan”, “two reagan”, “fall into water”, “fall into water”, “wah!”, “wah!”. And so on.. each person say one each time. Ahh~ confusing ! I’ve lost 2 times for this. HAHAHAHAHA.. Another games was the 007, Bang ! This is hard to explain. So…let’s just forget bout it. But those are seriously damn exciting ! LOL~!


This is the punishment. Drink that every time u LOST ! But there are some babi who lost the game in purpose because they wanted to drink it badly. Ishh..Teruk betul. Anyhow, we all did enjoyed the games VERY MUCH ! Laugh till i die. =.=


When the clock ticks to 12am, lights off, the cake was out, the birthday song was sang by the singer on that day. And of course, we all followed as well. Happy birthday

to youu~~ hope u like the cake and the presents that we’ve chose for you. =)


me, bday boy, meiteng

There are lots more pictures were taken on that day. BUT, it’s impossible for me to upload all of it here. You can see more and more pictures at my facebook there. =)


nice one. =)

The day ended with laughters. Im happy to be with them at times. They’re really crazy as always, as loud as ME, as sohai as YOU! HAHAHHAHAHA..hope the bond between us wont be break that easily. Love u guys always ! =) =)


The picture above was taken last year, 26th of December also. Same destination, same day, same time, with different frens this year. It’s already been one year since the celebration last year.

So fast, isnt it? We’ve already know each other for more than 1 year. Things changed, you’ve changed, i’ve changed. Hopefully next year will be a better year for you. Dont forget me when u get rich someday, Reagan Chong ! xD

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  1. hey you are right. time flies really fast cuz i could still remember reading your blog post on this reagan’s birthday. i was like wth birthday again? then i see your post, wahhhhh damn. yes, i hope you too will have a great year ahead cuz 2009 has been really good to me =)

  2. Queenie > hahaha.. yea.. again. wtf ! hahahaha.. yeap, same to you.. hope 2012 will be better than 2009. =)

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