Tiger Woohoo !

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Im pretty sure many of you have watch or hear bout this movie before. Tiger Woohoo aka Da Re Zhi is a movie directed by local producer-cum-director Chiu Keng Guan, a graduate of the Beijing Film A

cademy. ‘Woohoo’ in mandarin means tiger dance. The dance is similar to the popular lion or even dragon dance in Chinese communities around the world. It is perform in a special ceremony which held once every 60 years.


As we all know, it is an all-Malaysian cast which starring by artistes from Astro and also DJs from MYfm such as Jack Lim, Bernard Hiew, Jason Yeoh, Gan Mei Yan, Royce Tan, Chen Keat Yoke, and many more.


L>R : Bobby, Ah Huat, Ah Rain, Ah Beng, Alan

In this movie, there are five guys who are about to be trained as Woohoo players. They are Ah Beng, Ah Huat, Ah Rain, Bobby and Alan where all of them are having different backgrounds and characteristics.


ah rain with his handphone.

high-tech right? wth =.=

Personally, i like Ah Rain in the movie. He

is an effeminate designer and of course, he’ll be the one who act like a sissy. Not that i like sissy la.. it’s about his acting. He’s so damn gay in the movie. The way he walked, his expression, every

little things that he do is sooo…. seducing? NO ! I feel like punching him right on his face ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA..

Overall, the movie is not bad i would say. Although the storyline is expected, but still, it is a hilarious, touching, and meaningful movie. This movie is made from Malaysia after all. What do you expect more, friend? Acceptable lahhh~! The movie at least made me felt touched, and i cried wtf. A big success already. *thumbs up* xD

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