Chinese New Year – Part 2

Monday, April 5th, 2010

CNY Nin Chor Sei

Went to someone’s house in the afternoon. Chilled around, watched tv, tidy up the messy room while waiting to go his auntie’s open-house at night. Gambled there with his siblings, and relatives.

Get back to his house and wait for second round to gamble with his friends. Whoaa…! xD


auntie’s dog


Peanut is the name. =)

CNY Nin Chor Ng

This is the greatest day of all. A day to bai nin with the college friends and non-stopped of gambling. LOL~! First, i had lunch with someone and meet up with all the college friends at Connaught. Then we, 4 cars head to hewmeiteng’s house, to fetch her to our first station, which is Elsen’s house at Serdang. Sit for a while, get angpau then off to the next station-Hewmeiteng’s house.

5 cars departed from Elsen’s house to Hewmeiteng’s house. So damn kua jiong. Reached her house, sit for a while, get angpau, watch tv..

and then it’s time to start gamble. Her brother being the banker. We all lose. >.<


Then Reagan be the banker. Everyone seems like winning back a bit. Muaahaha.. Alrights, enough of gambling for the moment..let’s go for the next station-TehMouSeng’s house.


Again, reached there..straight away start gamble. He has a gin-rummy set there as well. So..some of them played gin-rummy instead of blackjack.


all the lan-dou-yiiiiiii


Everyone seems like getting tired and hungry after about 6 hours of gambling. So we went for dinner at Ampang. I forgotten the name of the restaurant, but it was Dash’s family business. The food there were seriously nice. We’re all full of energy and ready to gamble AGAIN. Hahahahahha~!


everyone happily lou sang


this is what we get after lou sang = NOTHING LEFT


group pic of the day. =)


me and my moi. =D

The last station was Eddie’s house which is located nearby Ampang also. His house was HUGE and NICE. All his relatives were there too. His house was occupied with humans and gamblers. =.=


eddie’s room


eddie’s frog. yiong sui !

Back home around 1am plus. Fuhh~ out for the whole day and need to wake up early the next day !

CNY Nin Chor Luk

Woke up early in the morning, thought of continue with yesterday’s bai nin session. Then go for class at 2pm. But the class was canceled which until now i still dont know wat’s the reason. Never mind, continue with the bai nin. First station

was Steven’s house, then go for lunch at PappaRich near his house, then Reagan’s house.

Gambled a while there, then i need to go back already. Thanks to Ken for the car and Tangwengchun for the ride. =)


macamlah very pro. = S


The remaining days of CNY were normal and it’s time to go back to college and face all the notes again instead of poker card and money. = S

friends are always there,
but, nobody will understand,
even myself dun understand,
he’s enjoying with his life,
but im still confused and sad,
the scars that left behind forever couldnt be healed.

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