Unwanted Feelings

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

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72_n” src=”http://eshanz.jenkinyat.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/6825_156994601994_685616994_3640517_524372_n.jpg” alt=”6825_156994601994_685616994_3640517_524372_n” width=”500″ height=”281″ />

the feelings are still there,

the feelings of having u as my pleasure,


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feelings of how we trusted each other,

the feelings of how much we appreciated each other,

the feelings of been through so many things with you, all the ups and downs,


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are all still living in my heart.

nobody could ever replace your position in my heart.

it’s already been 3 months plus, and im still trapped in the past.

i thought i could get rid of it as time flies,

but, im still haunted by you.

i dreamt bout you almost every night,

i dreamt that we’re back together again, happily.

i know it’s just a dream.

people around me keep telling me to forget bout this guy,

u’re not worth for me, we’re totally from different world.

i know that’s the facts, but..in these 2 years, we’re happy together, isn’t?

everyone see us as an ideal couple, we’ve not quarrel as much as other ppl did,

we obeyed each other, and i thought we could make it till the end.

bcoz of ur egoism, u’re giving such reason and end it right away.

does the reason u gave really matters?

is that means a girl has to be able to mix with them BEFORE u start to be with her?

so, now the one u’re having could mix with

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them very well?

if yes, then i wish u good luck.

if no, then think again is it really matter !

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