Goodbye My Love

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

once again, i’ve talked about it,

still the same, everyone is talking bout the negative side of



who does not related to you anymore, still believing in you.

maybe all these while, that’s what really bond us together; trust.

maybe the reason that you gave was really

just an excuse,

4 years ago, i doubted about love until i met you in 2 years ago,

and now, you made me doubt about love once again,

everything that u had promised, there were all just a beautiful lie.


anyhow, it doesnt matter anymore..

no matter how much i love you, the fact is you wont be back anymore.

u’d rather wait for her, makes me realized tat u’re no longer loving me,

and i guess i shall seal my feelings towards you deep down inside my heart.

i’ve already done my role as your girlfriend, tried my best to satisfy what you want me to be.

maybe im not good enough, but one thing im sure is, i never did any wrong thing on your back before.

i love you for

what you are and who you are.


for now,

i know you’re having some kind of problem with her,

but as your friend, or mayb u dont even wanna be friend with me anymore,

anyway, what i can do is,

i wish that someday she will appreciate you for what u have done for her.

and i hope you’ll pray for me too,

as i dont really wanna start from zero AGAIN.


2 Responses to “Goodbye My Love”

  1. Honey, you know what, I feel touched after reading you this article.
    I can definitely feel you.
    Its time to move forward, start all over again. Its hard, but we have to.
    Always do remember, you deserve a better man who really appreciates you like how you do.

  2. Thanks sweetie. I guess we’re going through the same situation, huh? Yea, it’s hard but we have to. The world is cruel.
    It’s true that we all deserved a better man. And i hope this will be the last as i dont wanna get hurt anymore. I hope you found ur happiness too sweetie.. Muaks~~! =D

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