20th Birthday Celebration – Part 2

Monday, May 24th, 2010

The day continue with the companion and a cheap car insurance quotes dinner at Mama Mia Restaurant & Bistro, PJ. It was my first time there. We ordered a plate of fried mian xian, and a golden chicken chop. Hmm, i would

say both of it were delicious. Anyhow, im not sure whether is it because im hungry at that moment or what lah. But overall, it’s really nice and the price is worth for the portion of the food as well. =)


fried mian xian at RM 9.50 and golden chicken chop at RM 12.50

Had my dinner, back to my house and i thought that’s all for the day. But when the clock strikes at 12am, here comes my two buddies, and another guy appeared in my house with the help of him to open

the gate downstairs. Well, it didnt really scare me, but my father is the one who feel shocked and said, “meh si meh si..aiyor, hak sei ngo”. HAHAHAHAHAHA..wtf


There you go..they’re my closest friends from college, tangwengchun and hewmeiteng-with the bf, munzo. Sorry for posting la moi, but u look cute there ma. >.< Thanks for the little surprise that you two three gave me. And also the little celebration with the cupcakes, candles, and photos. You guys made me feel so..Whoaa ~ unsangkable ! Haahahahah~! xD


Although it was simple,

but that’s more than enough already. I didnt ask for more but just a presence of you and the friends. Thank you. =)

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