Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Im feeling weak inside, and cold as well. A bowl of Sea Amber Jelly from Snowflakes to make me even cold. So cold that it freeze the tears within and i dont need to feel the pain, and the sadness inside.

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Had dinner with em. Teow Chew porridge at around Yu Lek there. The food were simple. Just like a normal family dinner. Yea, indeed they’re more than just a friend.


Watched a movie with em. Although it was sucks, but we make it till the end of the story. A day with them around, one on the right

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side, one on the other side..holding on to me, and never let me fall.


They know me well. And they’re willing to accompany me for shoppings, movies, yamcha, dinner or whatever shit when they know something happened on me. I just love em. Thanks for the day and sorry for the delayed post.

it’s time to stop revealing myself here;my blog.
i’ll find another place for myself.
may u happy and achieve ur goal very soon.
out of difficulties, makes miracle.
i hope it’s true.

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