Youth 10 Festival

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Last two weeks, me and my friends went to Malaysia’s Largest Youth Festival; Youth 10. A very last minute outing. The Festival is said to be created for one purpose: to connect a generation of savvy youths with brands, leaders, government and the me

dia. For

more information bout the Youth 10, please click here.


It was held in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), KL. Seriously i dont really remember i’ve been to PWTC before or not, but one thing im sure is..i dont know how to go. Same goes to the other two friends. LOL~


Anyhow, we managed

to get there by taking lrt together-gether.

When we get there, we asked ppl around where the hell is this pwtc located. Silly, but sweet. LOL wtf~! Well, at least we’d tried, and blindly get our ass there SAFELY. xD


The feeling of going in was like going to clubs secretly; underage. The time i stepped into the hall, it was so bright, huge, and fulled with people, but im still able to move freely. The environment is more like PC Fair rather than clubs. The promoters there were shouting really hard to get attention. But gah..i just wanna shopping. Eh wait, there’s free gift to be given out at selected stall. Shopping later~ xD


Three of us did get something from there. Not bad not bad. It was fun where we can see many different types of people there. Not to forget the lenglui that we saw at one of the stall. *wink* There was a media section too. But, we didnt went for that as it charge us RM20 for the entrance.



The video below is what we can see at the media section. Argh~ i didnt know that Chriz Ooi was there. I’ve missed the chance to see him in real ! Sobs.. Check it out. He’s the one with the red shirt. =)


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