Father's Day @ Craft Brews

Monday, June 28th, 2010

It’s Father’s day celebration again. Almost every year my family and I will have dinner outside where we

three brother and sisters who gonna pay for the bill. Last year was celebrated at buy cheap generic priligy

apas-day/” target=”_blank”>Cova, located in The Gardens. This year, brother brought us to Craft Brews, Mutiara Damansara which is nearby The Curve.


It has indoor seats which is very super duper cold and open-air seats for smokers as well. The environment was good where it could be even better during World Cup. Everyone were shouting “GOAL” here and there. =.=


As usual, we had Western food and some alcohols for the day. Well, my dad would like to have Western food instead of Japanese food, nor Korean food. Dont ask why. That’s my dad. =P


my lou dao. omgs so yao yeng. LOL


Craft Brews Combo Platter @ RM 38

First, some snacks before the main course. Roast Pork it is, with some fried eggplant. It’s very very yummilicious. I mean the fried eggplant. =P The roast pork is wrapped with bacon and grilled it to make it taste better.


enjoying. look at my face wtf~ xD


Tex-Mex @ RM 35

Next is Tex-Mex Ribs; pork, with some potato wedges. The meat is tender where it can be chewed easily and it’s very suitable for my dad as he’s no longer can eat hard stuffs. Overall, nice one. =)


sister and brother. they look alike, or WE look alike? =P


Rosemary Chicken @ RM 28

This is Rosemary Chicken, with my favourite mashed potato. =D Hmm.. the chicken was good. Soft enough and most importantly, it’s boneless. Me likey. xD


@ RM 24

Last one, spaghetti. The name is…something

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Aglio Olio. Ah ha ! It taste not bad seriously. But.. the portion was a bit…small la. Tarak cukups. But u can have a try lah. Heh~


Last but not least, Happy Father’s Day. We

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love you, D. =)

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  1. ouh i have always wanted to try there. next time shall drop by. ouh yea expensive?

  2. owh.. i have already update bout the price at the post. it’s kinda expensive for me..but my bro got the VIP card there…so, it’s ok after getting 30% discount from them. =D

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