Family Drift to Melacca @ 19.06.10

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

My father suggested to go for a trip within Malaysia once in a week. Whoaa..i said “Cannot lah, Malaysia where got so many place to visit?” Right? So, maybe once a month if the plan is still working in the future. =P


brother and sister


woke up at 8am, had breakfast together before we start our journey. Ha..really long time never had breakfast together, as in a family, four persons. It’s so warm, u know? =) Departed at 9.40am, reached there around 10.30am or something. We got the wrong road and that’s thanks to the GPS. Sigh~


We had our lunch at this Chung Wah, which is famous with its chicken rice ball. Can u see the queue? Duh~ It’s freaking long. We queued for about half an hour just to eat the chicken rice ball that is only famous in Melacca.


My dad sarcastically said “People only feel fun when they need to queue up for something.” Ya right. I realized that it is very true. xD


Here’s the chicken rice ball that we’re waiting for ! Honestly, i do think that it taste good. But for the chicken, it looks disgusting, taste not that good, and not tender as well. Hmm, seriously i dont like the

chicken. But for the rice ball, definitely a BIG yes. =)


We went for a walk after that. Walking around,

taking pictures and looking back at my precious memories. Enjoy the pictures below. =)



flash back..


the legendary..


i’ve entered this kapal before. it was 2 years ago…


a place where we stayed before..


somewhere we stopped for pictures…


Surprisingly, i met my college friend, WaiHoong there. Such a small world. Haha~


The weather is superb hot. We sweat a lot. The best medicine for us will beĀ cendol and ABC to kill thirst. We feel fresh again. xD


We went back at around 5-6pm something. Yes, it was definitely a great family trip. I feel happy to be with them ONLY when there’s no argument. If every trips with them will be these peace, it will be damn good for me.


Goodbye Melacca ! I will be back~~! =)

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  1. your dad is a lefty. cute.
    your brother’s picture so nerdy. double cute.
    you hold the chopsticks in a correct way. triple cute! =3

    ps: flash matt back lah. deng.

  2. the last pic of u so farnee geh lol!

  3. joshua > yerr…where got farny..>.< queenie > LOL~ meh ohhh… why so many cute..xD flash matt 7..i also duno…=/

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