L'oreal Paris

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I’ve been using Loreal’s products for one year plus. Started using it ever since i get it from my friends as my birthday present last year. Facial products. My face was in really dry condition and i feel good by using it

. Especially the facial foam and toner. And i eventually start to buy more and more products from Loreal. Teehee~! =)


Then, i try with the shampoo, conditioner, leave in and leave out hair products. Fortunately, the one for damage care (orange colour) is nice to use for my hair condition. My hair was superb dry before that and it really looks better after using it. While the white colour hair product with the function of giving more nutrition to the hair seems like not effective to me.


I’m not pretty sure how much did i spent on these products. But, if it does really suit for my skin or my hair, everything is buy generic viagra online just worth for it. Think wisely and go for the products that suit

for you as well. =D

who doesn’t wanna be pretty right?


ps : i’m done with all the loreal products, and im now trying on other products. rejoice for my hair and garnier for my face.

result : loreal hair care is obviously better than rejoice. while garnier feels more moisture compared to loreal facial products. =)

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