Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

A friend of mine told me a story about his life. A story which we most probably will always see in drama series. From a rich family, to nothing. A mom with 3 kids, worked hard to bring up her kids, her family. Now, they’re all grown up. Three of t

hem were busy with their lives. The eldest and the second son is already working. While the youngest is still studying and half work. Their mom can finally have a rest. =)

What amazed me was.. the youngest one, growing up like an angel, which is just 17 years old now. She’s studying and working as an artist at the same time. She need to wake up early in the morning, cialis online and only get back to home at late night. Only sleep for few hours everyday. My friend told me that there’s one day she really cant bear with it and straight away cry when she get home, i felt pain in the heart.

Someone who i know since she was young, seeing her suffering. I really feel sad for her. But, she’s strong enough to face all these problem. That’s the path way

that she chose, she will definitely can do it. At least now, she get some achievement in the entertainment field and she can handle well in her studies too. She found her dream and im happy for her. All the best to you girl. =)

After i listen to my friend’s story, i

suddenly felt more lucky than him. And my problem is just a minor ones compared to him and his family. Even a 17 years old girl also can handle such a big responsibilities. Im totally lose to her.

Everyone wants to live for a better life. Of course, with a condition that we need to work hard for it. Somehow, there’s also a possibility that no matter how much the person work hard for their life, they will still get nothing in the end. Life is really something miserable, huh?

There’s always a reason for us to stay alive.
Have you found yours yet?
Im still wandering.
Feel so lost without a direction.

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