Work as We Play

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

I’m currently having my semester break since like.. the end of October until now. Yet so far, this year’s semester break is most productive for me. I’ve been working for almost every weekends, with my dearest moi, hmt. There’s a

purpose for that;

we’re saving money for bangkok trip next year. xD

For me, previous holiday was like, just staying at home, watching television, and out for tea once in a while. But not for this year. People is changing, life is changing too. Therefore, i must get my ass up and work to gain more money rather than staying at home. I’m not saying that i’ve never worked before. Just that this year was quite awesome because i’ve worked for different jobs in two months time.


So far, i’ve worked for 3 jobs in these two months. Gaining how

much, of course it will be a secret. But one thing i’ve gained is definitely priceless. It’s called H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. I’m glad that i’ve worked. Never thought that it would be that fun to work, and know more people in our life. I realized that by knowing more friends, it does help to cheer me up a little. It’s true. :D


I came to know a lot of new friends, get a chance to approach different types of people and realizing that there are many types of people which we’ve never seen ordering cialis online before. Well, I’m not trying to say they’re nasty or what. Sometimes, they’re just stubborn. Hmm, i guess that’s normal for people who always think they’re rich and they’re always right. True? D:

I mean customers, not my colleagues. My colleagues are all very good, very helpful indeed. We laughed, we played, we teased, we joked. =)


Fortunately, most of the customers that i’ve encountered was not that horrible. I love it when they’re being nice to us. And thank god my customers are not like those who are with i-got-a-lot-of-money-face and being rude to us. There’s even a couple of customer who buy me and my colleagues food and drinks, showing how thankful are they with our services. How sweet of them isn’t it? :)



Most unforgettable. Working with 40 rate roamers. That was really quite a big number huh. Glad to know them and nice to work with them too. Thanks to those seniors for guiding us to avoid from mistakes. Thanks to the supervisor, Mr Chris for being nice to us. And also thanks for providing such nice food to us, which actually makes me fatter day by day. Awh.. cut the crap. Last but not least, it’s my pleasure to work with you all. Do take care pals. :)

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