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Thursday, May 5th, 2011

i guess i’ve stopped blogging like about.. 4 months. yea, 4 damn months. many things happened and changed in these few months. goods and bads. i believe the biggest changes was me, me, me and me. well, what

i mean was, my appearance’ my hair, my sty

le. yeah.. it’s like a 180 degree turnover. and of course, i like it. :)

167337_499467817407_648682407_6458644_1228929_nthat was me, before leaving bangkok. <3

i started to change probably because of the trip to bangkok in january 2011. as we all know, bangkok was a heaven for shopping. and what i did there was shop shop shop and..shop. from there, i get to buy a lot

different kind of clothes, shoes, and bags. they sell clothes that are slightly lower price than KL here, but they do have many kind of designs there. i love em all.



i’ve stayed in bangkok for 6 days 5 nights. those were the things that i’ve grabbed from bangkok. but that’s not all. i think i missed some of it in the pictures. but nvm, i can tell that i approximately used about rm1000-1200 for the whole trip, include everything, passport, hotel, transportation and stuffs. i swear that was the most worthy trip i’d ever have. :D

i’ll talk all about bangkok in the next few post. :)
sorry for been MIA for some time.
i’ll start to be active back from now.

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